Is It The End For Conti And Katanga?

Have you ever imagined Continental Hall and Katanga Hall turned into mixed halls? Can girls even survive amidst the morale night and all the rowdiness?
Well, On Sunday 28th of January, 2018 at the Student Chaplaincy Council service, the Dean of Students, Prof. William A. Gariba made his intentions of turning the two male halls, Unity Hall and Katanga into mixed sex halls. In times past, the university has witnessed violent brawls between these two factions, which have continued even up to this day. The believe is that, converting these halls into mixed halls will be a step in the right direction to curb this menace.
However, this news was met with vehement disapproval from students. As a sign of their  disapproval, a campaign was started where the students were to wear a wine and black attire. These two colors signified unity between Continental and Katanga Halls with the subtle message”WE ARE SOLIDLY BEHIND YOU”.
Continentals and Katangees won’t relent until their views are heard!


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