You’ll Be Surprised Why Rihanna Has Been Banned From Going To Senegal


Bad Girl Riri has been banned by a religious group from visiting Senegal for the most outrageous reason ever!

A group known as ‘No To Freemasonry And Homosexuality’ is protesting Rihanna’s visit to the West African country.

This is because the group claim Rihana is Illuminati.

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Funny right? Not really, because they’re serious about not allowing the pop star into their country

Rihanna is expected to visit Senegal with French president Emmanuel Macron as part of a charity that provides funding for girls’ education.

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In June 2017, she had tweeted at President Macron, asking if he would commit to her education charity. The two of them met later in the year after which February 2 was chosen for the event.

If Rihanna is coming to Senegal for a good course, who cares what she is or isn’t?

All the same, the Senegalese government is yet to comment on the issue


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