UG SRC Advises Legon Students To Ignore The Sanitation Message And Desist From Sharing It

The front page of a newspaper with the headline "Fake News"

So a particular message has been going around on most University of Ghana campus WhatsApp groups and to be honest, a lot of students are super confused, irritated and surprised at its contents. For those of you who don’t know, the message looked a lot like the standard messages issued by the SRC publication team and the content was just…. read it here:

DATE: 31st January, 2018.


Students are being reminded that 1st February 2018 which is the reopening day for the university is also set aside for general cleaning. Especially the level 100 student also the presence of the level 200 and 300 is needed to monitor the level 100’s. Those who will fail to comply will be dealt with drastically.

Mr Abu Sallif
Sanitation manager”

Now you get why people are reacting the way they are. When did the University of Ghana turn into Abladogo prep 1&2?

Fortunately, it has been revealed the whole message is a lie. Yup someone sat down and had this ‘brilliant’ idea of composing the message to mislead the student populace and perhaps, blow some rage towards the SRC.

The SRC has however been swift in calming everyone down. They issued a legit message and yes we can vouch for its credibility:

“The SRC has observed the spread of some ridiculous communiques supposedly signed by one Mr.Abu Saliif and counterpart named Dr. Wiafe Akenten, requiring students to participate in some cleanup exercise.

Students are entreated to completely disregard the said messages. The said communiques are at best, manifestations of tired brains. Students should endeavour to accord the said messages all the disdain and contempt that can be gathered.

The University has a functional sanitation system in place and would not burden students with these.

By this, therefore, students are kindly advised to desist from sharing those communiques.

Thank You.

Kind regards,
Eleazer Fordjour Quayson

So there you go. Ignore the message and keep packing up to move into your clean rooms. Oh and by all means take a stroll through the CLEAN campus and reacquaint yourself with the surroundings cos…you’re back! The school has reopened!

Back to school


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