3 Year-Old Nigerian Boy Lands A Modelling Deal After Wedding Photobombed Picture Went Viral

Olajumoke and Tobi

We need to up our photobombing game. We need to start making money off it.

Tobi is a  3-year-old Nigerian boy who went viral after he photobombed wedding pictures in 2017.

From that, Tobi has got a modelling career on his hands and has joined another Nigerian model,  Olajumoke in a wedding-themed photoshoot.

“What’s better than letting other people’s light shine through yours? Meet my ringbearer: little Oluwatobiloba @oluwatobilobafalana the photobomb king,” Olajumoke posted on her Instagram.

“Just like me, the magic of the camera has opened a new chapter for a little less privilege boy in Lagos (the city of possibilities). Tobi innocently photobombed a wedding shoot & Tobi has now got a chance at “Primary Education ” by @iamterryg but he needs your help to earn money for 1) His welfare 2) His secondary education & to help his family. Tobi has launched a modelling career & has been signed to @qtabyevents as a kid model. Please follow @oluwatobilobafalana& support him for the sake of good nature”

See the photos below:

Olajumoke and Tobi Olajumoke and Tobi


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