Bio: RJZ

RJZ emergers 2017

Hi guys! I’m  Joshua Pharez Essuman – Mensah, born 19th July 1992. Some of you know me as RJZ, a member of the La Meme Gang.

RJZ emergers 2017

I love music. I love rap music.

I went to Mfantsipim Senior High and was a 3-time Sprite Ball champion for the school. Everyone assumed I will become a professional basketball player but lol no one really expected me to venture into music even though I won “Best Rapper” back in school.

RJZ emergers 2017

Sometimes, i fear I might not be able to have a positive impact on peoples lives when I fully make it. I really don’t get the point of being famous when I can’t impact peoples lives positively. For me, I have a passion for kids. I really cannot begin to explain how much I love kids. One of my dreams is to start an orphanage and I even have plans of using proceeds from my first album for charity.

So you know what to do when the album comes out right? lol

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