Bio: King Promise

king promise emergers 2017

Everyone knows me as King Promise but my actual name is Gregory Promise Bortey Newman. I was born on the 16th of August. Yeah, you don’t get to calculate my age cos I’m mysterious like that! it’s part of the whole sexy King package.

king promise emergers 2017


After completing Nungua Secondary, friends were wondering where I was and why I wasn’t in the University with them. It wasn’t because of some F grade in my maths or science. I merely took a break from education for two years to push my music and at least work towards getting somewhere with it.

I went back to school and graduated last year from Central University and I guess I learnt a lot during the break from education cos I was able to hone my skills and yes, I will call myself a prolific songwriter. Most of you may not know this but I co-wrote Adina’s ‘Too late’ and it won an award at the 2017 Ghana Music Awards.

My learning didn’t stop there tho. Working with music gurus like Fuse Odg, M.anifest, Killbeatz, R2bees and more has given me a broader field of learning and a huge chance to expose myself to great and amazing work.

king promise emergers 2017


Y’all need to know tho…the King Promise you see on stage is very different from the Gregory Bortey you’d meet on a normal day.

Some people say I’m too known cos ermm for over 5 years, I haven’t dated a girl who lives in Ghana. It’s not really my fault guys! I got mad love for my Ohemaas living in Ghana too!

King Promise emergers 2017


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