Bio: Bryan The Mensah

bryan the mensah emergers 2017

My name is Bryan Mensah and well, i am Bryan The Mensah. I was born on the 3rd of January 1996 and i’m still a student of Blue Crest College.

You can call me the black sheep of my family. Know why? My mum is a doctor, my dad is a doctor, my sister is in medical school and…surprise…my brother is also in the medical school. As the last born, everyone expected me to follow in their footsteps but nahh…aside from the music and school, i also own a design and development company called Plegishes.

bryan the mensah emergers 2017

I am very self disciplined when it comes to working and i do not play when it comes to showing and getting respect from people because i have massive respect for others views and i believe respect should be reciprocated so yes, i do not joke about it at all.

For some reason, don’t judge me please, i looove Telenovelas and yes i’ve heard what they say about guys who watch telenovelas. I don’t care. I’ll still watch them all!

Here’s something else to make you gasp: I don’t cheat in exams. People don’t believe me but i find it stressful craning my neck or whispering and straining to hear answers from someone in the exam hall. I’d rather do what i can and then leave.

bryan the mensah emergers 2017

Last one. I think ‘Light offs’ are beautiful.

Anytime the light goes off, it allows people to bond and come together and actually talk. It’s great and i think ECG should really think about this.

I hope you still love me after learning all about me lol.

I love you too.

bryan the mensah emergers 2017




  1. Yeah. He’s a good person and very talented. Whatever he said is true especially with the exams thing. We all attend the same school and I’ve massive respect for him.


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