Bio: Sdkdele

Sdkdele emergers 2017

Sadik Sulley is my birth name and I am 24 years old.

I get a lot of people wondering if my mother is forced to act in my skits with me. To answer your question, if there is anyone who believes in my dreams more than myself then it will be my mother and that is the reason why she supports me so passionately.

Sdkdele emergers 2017

I have about 50 skits on my social media pages and one movie.

Y’all heard about Blue Film???

Yeah that’s the movie. But before you start having certain dirty thoughts, you really should check out the movie it’s really not what you think.

One of my dreams is to own a production house one day and be one of the biggest and most successful producers in the country.

Sdkdele emergers 2017

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