United States Law Makers Wore The Kente To Protest Against Trump’s “Shithole” Comment

US Congress, Kente

US President, Donald Trump managed to piss off the whole of Africa with a statement which he claims he never made. It was reported that Donald Trump had called Africa countries and others in the Caribbean as “shithole” countries.

That became another Trump-related trending word after Covfefe.

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H.E Nana Addo sent a stinging tweet to Donald Trump in a sharp rebuttal at Trumps “Shithole” comment.

Last night, Donald Trump addressed the joint congress of the United States government in his first State of the Union Address.

Yes, it’s the same as when H.E Nana Addo addresses Parliament at the beginning of each year.

You know how the opposition party would normally carry red cards on them and create propaganda songs in protest at the president during the State of the Union? Some members of the Democratic Party also took the opportunity of protest against the US President’s alleged use of the word “Shithole” to describe African countries.

US Congress Kente

The US lawmakers wore Kente, a proud African (Ghanaian) cloth that used to be worn by royalty.

The wearing of Kente was a defiance to Trump looking down on African countries.

Trump and other members of the Republican party have been accused of racism.


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