Top Most Influential Artists Killing It In Fashion.

Hip hop and rap artists have been dominanting the fashion world since early 2000’s. Most of these artists are the reason some of us are even aware  of most of these brands. We have compiled a list of our own. Our list is based on the artists who we see everywhere killing it stylishly, trending, having an impact on sales for brands, and can make a garbage back look good.

1) Rihanna


Do we really need to validate why she in on this list? She can never do any wrong, she can make a trash bag look good.

2)Virgil Abloh

The creative director behind “off white”. He worked with Kanye West and lil Uzi Vert.

3) Pharrell Williams


From his collaboration with adidas. His eye for design and art is what landed him in many fashion news and magazines, he is also the ambassador for Chanel.

4) Solange

Her individualistic style is what makes her stand out, she is playful with her looks and we love it.

5) Migos

The drip set!! This trio never disappoint, from their jewelry to the silk shirts, they definitely do it for the culture.

6) Cardi B

Her career has taken of to new heights and so has her image, thanks to her new stylist. Her collaboration with Steve Madden is also an impressive business move.

7) Beyoncé

Queen Bee!! She has been killing the gram lately!! She also does not need any validation as to why she is on this list.

8)A$ap Rocky

The creative director of Guess, A$ap has been making waves in the fashion industry for quite some time now.


The London based rapper has been styling music videos and popularized his version of London street wear.

10) Travis Scott

He is considered to be one of GenZ most influential male fashion leaders. In 2017 he collaborated with ksubi jeans.

11)Kanye West

The yeezy brands stands out amongst other collaborations, last year the search traffic to the brands website was the highest amongst his competitors.


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