Have You Met The Team That Turns Up Any Event And Makes It A Jam? Meet Elorm Sangbey And Friends

elorm sangbey and friends

All Elorm Kwame Sangbey had to do was to post an ad on Facebook on how he and a group of friends could turn a boring party into a lively one and that was what began the business “Elorm Sangbey and Friends”

It was quite mind-boggling how some people decided to come together dance, clap and cheer at an event for a living

In order to satisfy our curiosity, we decided to invite him over for a chat and answer all the questions we had.

Kuulpeeps: Hello Elorm. As your name suggests we thought there was going to be a group of you here talking to us today. Where is everyone?

Elorm Sangbey: Lol. Everyone is at work. We all have individual jobs that we do from Monday to Friday and we do this on the side.

Kuulpeeps: Impressive! How many people make up Elorm Sangbey and Friends?

Elorm Sangbey: Initially we were known as “Pap Fam” lol. But as usual, as it is people come and leave, so we changed the name of Elorm Sangbey and friends and we are currently like 45 people.

elorm sangbey and friends

Kuulpeeps: Please help us understand how all of this started??

Elorm Sangbey: We were a group of boys that attended Ho Poly. Now our auditorium was very huge and when we were in the first year my friends suggested we do something that will get a lot of people talking. We bought the same pair of trousers and shoes and during our first church service we went in front and danced really hard and after that, during hall weeks and school events, everyone wanted us to be there.

Kuulpeeps: How long ago was this?

Elorm Sangbey: This was back in 2012. After school thankfully, we all got National Service Placements in Accra and we used to attend functions and perform for free and then just somewhere within this month we were paid officially for the first time. It was a friend’s wedding ceremony and he paid us a 1000 cedis to be at his wedding and perform.

Kuulpeeps: And now it has become a full-fledged business? What are your rates currently?

Elorm Sangbey:  Yes it has. We charge between 300 cedis to a 1000 cedis and each comes with its own package.

elorm sangbey and friends

Kuulpeeps: What do your packages entail?

Elorm Sangbey:  Clapping and cheering. We have formation dances and also we have our own DJs when your DJ is dull. lol

Kuulpeeps: Some people think that you guys are unemployed and that is the reason why you guys are doing this.

Elorm Sangbey: It is funny how people have perceptions about things that they do not know anything about. Someone went to hit my sister up to tell her to advise me because I am disgracing our family. To tell you the honest truth and this goes to those who think we are unemployed, we have managers from PZ Cussons, Nestle, Nokia and other huge brands in our group. It is something that we are passionate about that is why we are doing it not because we are unemployed.

elorm sangbey and friends

Kuulpeeps: What is the end product of this passion supposed to be?

Elorm Sangbey: Currently we are registering the business with the Registrar General’s office in Accra. In the long run, we want to be able to become a one-stop event centre. So all the things that you will need for your events you will get from us.

Kuulpeeps: How does someone contact you?

Elorm Sangbey: They can do so through social media. Elorm Kwame Sangbey on Facebook, el_in_charge on twitter and el_in_charge on Instagram as well.

Kuulpeeps: Thank you for speaking to us. We hope that you guys make a statement in this year.

Elorm Sangbey: Thank you for having us and we want to tell others that if you have a passion that you are extremely happy executing in your free time, take advantage of it and monetize it quickly before someone else makes it a trend and makes all the money.



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