Hey TTU!! Are You Finding Difficulty With Your Course Registration? Here Is A Guide Line For You

Takoradi Technical University

It is a norm in every tertiary institution for students to register their courses when the semester begins. It is quite stressful and sometimes student feel lazy and discouraged with their course registration mostly when the internet connection is slow.

You are encouraged therefore to make all necessary arrangements to be able to report on time, so that you can register on time to have access to all necessities including your “Results” , which will not be posted on the notice board.

These are some tips on how to overcome these challenges when it comes to course registration in TTU.



STEP 1: Pay full fees at the designated Banks.

STEP 2: Log on to the students portal site for Registration. *(www.records.ttuportal.com)* . You can do this at any internet cafe, only follow steps below:
* Check and confirm personal details.
*Complete the Lecturer assessment form for the first semester.
*Register for departmental courses for the second semester.
*Print two(2) copies of the registered courses herein referred to as “proof of registration” after the registration.

STEP 3.  Submit “Proof of Registration” to your department for endorsement, and ensure you have a copy for keeps afterwards.

STEP 4: *Deadline and Penalty*
The registration period for the  second semester is from Monday, 22nd January, to Friday 26th January, 2018. Students who fail to register on or before the Friday, 26th January, 2018 deadline will be required to pay a penalty of GHs 5 each day for a period of 20days(starting from Monday, 29th January to Friday, 16th February).
*Note:* It is mandatory for all students to go through the registration to avoid any inconveniences.


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