Tips On How To Get Into Ashesi

What’s up potential Ashesians!!!

Ashesi gets over 2000 applications every year, but what makes one stand out? Kuulpeeps Ashesi is here to let you know how you can get into Ashesi. Ashesi stands by three pillars. These are; Citizenship, Leadership, and  Scholarship. As an applicant, you have to try to let your application surround these three pillars.

Here are some tips to make that happen.

1.Write a good essay.

It sounds difficult but it is not. Of course, you have to do away with grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, typos, and all that. The big question is, what makes your essay stand out? First of all, you have to be personal with your essay, it has to be relatable.

2. Have a good disciplinary record

You may not be admitted into this institution if you have a terrible disciplinary history. These could be sexual harassment, rape, sexual misconduct, etc. Also, having suspension or expulsion from any institution you’ve attended is a minus.

3. Take up leadership roles whilst in school

Strive to be a school prefect, compound prefect, or any prefect whist in high school. You can also be the president, treasurer, or secretary of a club. You should have at least held a role whist in high school.

4. Good academic standing

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5. Have some working experience

6. Take part in extra-curricular activities

7. Take part in community engagement activities

All the best in your applications.



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