Nicki Minaj Claims She “Can’t Wait To Come To Ghana” Though She Doesn’t Know Our Geographical Location

Nicki Minaj

Award-winning Hip-hop artiste, Nicki Minaj claims she “cannot wait” to come to Ghana.

Yes, we know that y’all out there have been jamming to Nicki’s hits since she burst onto the scene.

In a radio interview, Nicki Minaj was led on by the host to do an African accent impression saying “Oh Nicki Minaj, what are you doing today?”

After Nicki nailed her African ascent impression the host interjected, remarking that Nicki’s accent sounded like a Ghanaian.

It was then she said, “I can’t wait to go to Ghana actually.”

But don’t be happy yet, Nicki Minaj needed help figuring out where Ghana is located.

“I know my South African mobs tweet me all the time, and my Nigerian mob, so where is Ghana in relation to…” she asked.

Then the host explained to her that, Ghana is right by Nigeria – which we know we aren’t because there are two who countries separating us.

Well, now we know that if she does come to Ghana, she will be enjoying some Jollof rice and chicken, which we know is a lot better than Nigeria Jollof.

This is not the first time Nicki Minaj has been linked to a Ghana visit. In 2012, she replied a fan on Twitter that she was planning on coming to Ghana by the end of 2012 and that didn’t happen.

Now that we know she couldn’t have located us on an Atlas sheet, it would be advisable to not put to much weight on this latest assertion that she can’t wait to visit us.

Won’t be bad if she comes through… Fingers crossed…


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