There Is A Looming Water Crisis, Here Is What You Can Do To Stop It


Peeps, this is a public service from the Ghana Water Company Limited.

According to the government agency, there is a looming water crisis in Accra and parts of the country due to the dry season.


Though the Ghana Water Company did not categorically state that it would be carrying out water rationing soon, it called on Ghanaians to cut back on their water use.

For instance, it GWCL wants among other things the cessation of indiscriminate watering of lawns with treated water, moderate the use of treated water for car washing by using buckets instead of water hose.

Peeps, we know most of you will be going back to school soon if you’re not already in school.

You might want to reduce the amount of water you use when in school.

Read the full statement below:

Ghana Water Compnay


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