This Is Why Legon Students Need To Stop Whining And Actually Enjoy Their Vacation

It’s been 4 years since January 1st and for most of us UG students, what seemed like a proper paradise vacation has turned into a torturous one!!

All our friends have reopened and are back in school, but Legon students are still home!!
Everyone’s like whyyyyyyyyy Vice Chancellor!!! Whyyyyyyy whoever is in charge!! whyyyyy!!!

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But wait…
Why are you rushing to go back to school?

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Seriously! Why do you want to go back to that stress-hole??

It seems we have forgotten…
Look, let me remind you!

Remember the 7 am lectures? Dragging yourself out of bed after sleeping through the sound of your alarm only to go and fight for a shuttle! If you’re not lucky, you will lose all of those shuttle battles, spend money you don’t have on a taxi, get to the lecture hall late and have the lecturer either sack you or embarrass you in front of EVERYONE!!!!

That’s not all. Assignments.

Those assignments that have you staying up all night, (because of course, It’s the night before the due date) channelling your inner shark and wondering if you’d lose marks for double spacing even though the lecturer asked for a single-spaced 5-page assignment.

Oh and Broke Periods! Those dry ass famine periods in school when you have no money cos you spent all of your allowances and your money bank aunties and uncles aren’t answering your calls but they keep sending you those “send to 40 people or die” chain messages so you know they see dem texts and calls!!

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IAs!! You’re never fully prepared for them!You barely settled in school and before you know it, lecturers are already dishing out IA dates and venues!!
Then just when you finish it all and you think “lemme chill small”, exam timetables are glaring at you from the notice boards! Yeah, they say it’s provisional and could change but you know you should still check because even though it’s provisional, you’ve never had yours change ever since you stepped into the school.

Yeah yeah you miss your roommates and all that but remember…when the broke period comes, everyone is on edge and of course there’s going to be some squabbles cos Adjoa’s excuses for not scrubbing the bathroom are no longer funny and “oh you’re too dbee”

So yeah I hope you keep these in mind the next time you want to “ohhhhh I want to go back to school!!”

Issa trap!

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The school’s management wants us to get frustrated from staying at home for the whole 10 years of January so that we’d come to school excited and ready to… *shudders*
Study! 🤮🤢

So enjoy the last few months in January and stop complaining!!



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