Here’s What Legon Students Think Of Mfanstipim


Botwe boys where you dey?! Check out what the Legon people from other schools think of you and let us know if some of the things they say about you are true or false.

They really can sweet talk ladies, therefore, they are never single… They like food, but they are fresh boiz momm. – Irene (Motown)

They are not stingy and they’re fine and those who aren’t gay are spoilt. – Candy (Syte)

They ‘resh’ a lot. – Dhilah (St. Louis)

I think they are gentlemen tbh. – Akosua. B (Motown)

They are gentlemen momm, but I think the gay thing is true. – Rennie (Benkum)

Botwe guys are intelligent but they dress like colonial people. – Sussuana (Syte)

dem bi jons. – Darren (Aquinas)

Botwe boys are gentlemen, They are very smart and intelligent, They are kramains (dem dey chop dema body rof rof )…. Met some atheists botwe boys… dunno if it a general thing, In all they are cool in an awkward manner. – Breda Bondzie (GSTS)

Most Botwe boys are fine and dbee… mostly well behaved. – Zaynie (Aburi Girls)

Botwe boys be cool hommies… dem know wossop. -Benjamin (Notre Dame)

They are dull and their uniform is like a funeral cloth… They don’t like washing because of the color of their uniform. – Sarah (Holy Child)

Oh dem dey ride on past glory den dey behave like Sprite Ball be Heaven… if you win da be all. – Bacid (St. Johns)

So we all know what Legon students think of Botwe boys. Not only are they smart or intelligent they’re also Jon and they wear funeral shirts to class.


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