1 Item, 3 Different Ways to Wear It; The Boyfriend Jeans

Remember growing up we used to love playing dress up.  We figured we still love playing dress up and trying to find different ways to wear one garment. This week we picked our ever trending distressed boyfriend jeans and styled it in three different ways.

In this look, we paired the Jeans with an oversized double breasted blazer. For this entire look, you can raid your boyfriend closet for the jeans and your dads for the blazer. You can also find the jeans at any online boutique or Mr Price at the Accra Mall.

In this look, we paired the denim with this Fugu and a waist belt. The Fugu can be found at any market or street vendor.

Distressed denim

This look is for the free-spirited sporty chic ones. We paired it with a crop top and a statement piece accessories which will be the visor. You can order the visor on IG from the pinup_queens.

What garment would you like to see us play with?

Tell us and we’ll work on it ASAP!


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