Here’s What UCC Students Think Of Mfanstipim School.

Botwe is still our high school of the month, so why don’t we seek an impression of the school from their colleagues at the University of Cape Coast.

We rounded up a few views from the students…

Botwe guys are okay, they aren’t the most brilliant and not the most dunce .. they lie in between like that.

Samlafo – St. Peters

This school thinks of themselves like they own Cape Coast.. we all know who runs Cape and Gh as a whole and it’s not Botwe.

Kwasi Appiah – Augusco

Botwe guys are cool to hang out with, my boyfriend is a Botwe guy so you naa you know.

Rosemary – Holy Child

Fearos… Botwe guys are scared of everything, girls especially.

Gisbony- Presec

Botwe guys ‘de3 dada’ bee things oo.. some really rich guys

Prince – St. Thomas

Had some mates in Botwe back then really good and shark guys

Akosua Agyemang.- Afia Kobi

Only remember them from the recent science and maths quiz. Ah, I still laugh at them to this day… Botwe ‘de3’ 

Emmanuel – Prempeh

The guys in red are cool their uniform just doesn’t impress me at all

Rebecca – St. Monica’s

They look like the Lannister army, only in cloth not in attitude or seriousness

Martin-Kumasi high school

Well, I should say they are fun and on a personal level and they’re really romantic.

Elsie – Wesley Girls

So there you have it Kuulpeeps, UCC students think Botwe boys are romantic, sharks and rich boys.


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