Australia High Commissioner Uses Twitter To Highlight Filth Near Australia High Commission

Andrew Barnes
Andrew Barnes . DFAT HOM. Official Portrait. Parliament House Canberra 3 March 2016. Image David Foote-AUSPIC/DPS

We can’t act like we don’t know we need to improve the sanitation in the country.

The Mayor of Accra, Mr Mohammed Adjei Sowah has taken on a fight to make Accra one of the cleanest cities in Africa.

But clearly, Accra is not yet the clean city we hope to have.

The Australian High Commissioner, Andrew Barnes yesterday, called out the deplorable sanitation near his high commission.

“The scene this morning in the street near our High Commission: encourage the local authorities to step up their effort to meet the President’s @flagstaffghana promise to make #Accra the cleanest city in #Africa by 2020. #sanitation,” his tweet read.

But then in the age of social media, the Accra Metropolitan Assembly did respond to the High Commissioner.

“Thank you for drawing our attention to the situation. The location is outside the Accra Metropolitan Assembly’s jurisdiction. However, we have contacted the La Dadekotopon Municipal Assembly to move in to rectify the situation,” the AMA tweet reply read.

But other Ghanaians had missed reaction to the High Commissioners approach of tweeting about the filth near his office.


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