Is Shatta Wale Going To Join Nana Mensah Appiah’s Zylofon Music?

Shatta Wale zylofon

We all saw how magical it was for Sanchez to join Manchester United.

We’ve had media personalities jump ship, notable among them is the Sammy Forson move to Joy FM.

It seems there is another transfer that will blow our minds!

Based on what we have seen, we are asking these questions, could it be that self-proclaimed Dancehall King Shatta Wale could soon be joining the latest music label powerhouse, Zylonfon Music?

In a recent post, Shatta Wale was seen in a picture with former manager, Bulldog and EIB Boss Bola Ray.

Shatta Wale, Bulldog and Bola Ray

As we all know, Bulldog is the current artists’ manager at Zylofon and as the caption of the picture goes, the two will be working together.

What we know for sure is, Bulldog will never directly manage Shatta anymore, so if the two will be working together then your guess is as good as ours.

That isn’t the only proof that Shatta might be joining Zylofon media…

Shatta Kept kept mentioning Zylofon Media at Kofi Boat’s party which happened last Saturday in East Legon.

He kept acknowledging Zylofon as he gave them ‘shout outs.’

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We’re not saying this deal will happen, but just analyze all that we have just said and draw your own conclusions.

If it happens, then please give us our stone – (if you don’t understand this line, please ask your Ga friend).

But if Shatta Wale does indeed sign with Zylofon Music label in the near future, then Zylofon Music would have the two most high profile Ghanaian dancehall artists under its wings.

Not to talk about the future relationship between the Shatta Movement and Bhim Nation. The rivalry has been epic so far, but what does the future hold?

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Let’s end it here, we might be over analysing one picture and Shatta Wale’s utterances at a party.


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