Here Is Why Ghanaians Should Rather Celebrate This Nana Addo Picture Instead Of Troll Him

Nana Addo

If you’re a Ghanaian, you must be proud of this picture that people are using to troll H.E Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

No, we don’t mean being “proud” in a cynical way, you must actually be happy that this picture was taken and it is now subject of discussion.

So you see clearly that in the picture the president seems to be isolated in a front row seat at the recent inauguration of the new Liberian President, the former football icon, George Oppong Weah.

Yes, those are former presidents Jerry John Rawlings and John Mahama seated behind him.

Now by all indications, the front row seats were reserved for other current presidents who were also attending the inauguration.

But thanks to trolls, people have found a negative meaning to the apparent H.E Nana Addo isolation in the photo.

Recently, the Ministry of Trade has come under parliamentary enquiry after allegations were made that the ministry charged foreign businessmen $100,000 to be seated next to the President at an event.

So without assessing the merits of this picture, people have taken to social media to tease the president, saying people were not seated next to him because they didn’t want to pay money.

However, it turns out that the picture actually communicates something that bedevils a lot of Ghanaians – time management.

Jennifer is the West African correspondent of the Agence France-Presse – the France news agency

Liberia President Liberia President Liberia President Liberia President

Yes, we have a knack for showing up late for meetings, however, in this picture the president was rather eschewing the rather nonexistent Ghanaian virtue of showing up on time.

So in what looked like the president being shunned, is a true story of how our president went to a national event at a foreign country, showed respect to his host by showing up on time while other presidents chose to attend the event late.

Next time, refrain from joining a trolling bandwagon when you don’t know the full story.


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