Davos 2018: Here Is Why You Should Care About The World Economic Forum


Kuulpeeps apologises on behalf of Facebook and Twitter if you have been seeing a bunch of “Davos” related posts and you just didn’t understand them.

We promise that after reading this post, you may not ignore them and they might not be such a nuisance in your newsfeed again.

Basically, if you are a human being who wants to earn an income, you should care a little about any “Davos” post you see.

Davos is actually a town in Switzerland. At this time of the year, it is chilled, with snow everywhere.

However, this Swiss town hosts world leaders every year around this time. The leaders are attending a four-day submit called the World Economic Forum.

That is where countries in all the continents meet to discuss the agenda for the world economy.

Think of the United Nations as where peace and security are discussed and Davos is where making money is discussed.

Davos WEF

You know we live in a global village now and if America’s economy grows or falls, it has a direct impact on other countries in the world especially “shithole” African countries.

If the world economy improves and say crude oil prices go up, that means Ghana gets to earn more income which also translates to Nana Addo being able to spend more on Free SHS and literally provide financial support to other key government job creation and private business improvement programmes.

Yes, what happens in Davos or better still the agreements world leaders make at Davos also directly affects the price of your iPhone.

Especially with issues of tax and which countries are lifting import duties on which products.

This year world leaders including USA, Donald Trump, France’s Emmanuel Macron, Germany’s Angela Merkel and China’s Xi Jinping will gather at the annual Davos forum.

Davos WEF

This year’s World Economic Forum is the 48th forum to date, it has its theme as “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World.”

It may seem as a talking shop for wealthy people, bankers and other members of the global elite but make no mistake, the world economic order is designed at Davos.

Decisions made here practically affect, how much you spend on food, electricity, transport and even entertainment.

So this year, as Trump will be hoping to push an agenda where America stops being the father of the world, other world leaders will also be speaking on encouraging businesses to form partnerships and allows countries to collaborate.

Davos WEF

This directly impacts innovation and science as well as global migration.

You want to go study and work abroad? The possibility of it happening depends on the consensus that business leaders and the political elites will reach.


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