Meet Quaidz, The Photographer That Capture Epic Moments With His Lens

We got one of the best photographers in KNUST. He’s quite famous in KNUST just because of the magic he does with his camera. Enjoy the interview session with him.

Kuulpeeps: Hello!  Could you please tell us about Quaidz?

Quaidz: Hey! Okay, it’s not really a long thing. I haven’t finished finding myself yet, I guess that is why I put all my attention in photography but I am Stephen Quaid Nyamekye, a student of KNUST, offering BSC. Environmental Science.

So Quaidz is who I am.

The Name “Quaid” is Scottish, it means a “great leader” and the boys pluralized it lol, so then Quaidz became the new name.

Kuulpeeps: Interesting. So when and how did this photography start?

Quaidz: It all began in first year. Conrad Amedume, a good friend, helped me discover the art. I had the passion but there was no action. He forced me to start something just by the works he had started doing. I was inspired. Funny enough, I migrated from using my phone to using Conrad’s camera. Then it began. I started shooting anything I saw and I took some tutorials on YouTube as well.

Kuulpeeps: Wow. Do you remember your first shoot?

Quaidz: Lol oh, this is something I’d never forget. I shot two good friends of mine, MC Bosman and Eugenia. What an experience it was. I felt so pressured and tensed. But at the end of the day I just had to work with the pictures that were produced. Wasn’t so bad for a first shoot.

It was fun actually.

Kuulpeeps: The pictures were good right?

Quaidz: They were okay. I guess

Kuulpeeps: do you still have them?

Quaidz: Oh yeah. Can’t lose them. Never

Kuulpeeps: So what’s your inspiration in photography


My personal models and critics. They tell me as it is and before I capture someone’s smile I want to make sure I make them smile. They motivate me, especially my mom. She tells me as it is and she likes pictures a lot, especially mine. ❤

Kuulpeeps: So you’re always capturing smiles. Do you see yourself as a professional in the next 5years?

Quaidz: Yeah but not only that. I just don’t want to be a photographer but one with a difference. That’s why I organized a photo booth in school to help donate to children living with Cancer at the Okomfo-Anokye hospital, Kumasi.

Kuulpeeps: Great moves you are making there. How do you combine studies and your social life with photography?

Quaidz: As time consuming as the job is, I try as much as possible to find time for my books. I shoot when I’m free or when I’m not on an assignment. I also have people keeping me in check every time because sometimes you could actually lose guard on the Education part. It’s all about balancing everything.

Kuulpeeps: How are you handling the girl rush – as a photographer when all these girls want some shots and things *winks

Quaidz: Lol slow but sure. Girls like pictures most. So you’ll definitely get more women. It’s all on your availability as a photographer.

So it depends on when they book with you. You know obviously Girls love pictures more than boys. That explains the numerous women in many photographer’s albums.

Kuulpeeps: Everything is about balance that’s right. So any high profiled person you’ve done a shoot with?

Quaidz: Urm… just a few for now just Lousika, The former Rector of PUC

Kuulpeeps: That’s nice. So will you ever do a nude shoot?

Quaidz: No please! 😂

Kuulpeeps: why! 😂

Quaidz: 1 Cor 6:19

“know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?”

This is why shooting a nude is a no for me.

Our Bodies are the Temple of God

We are to keep them sacred. So what then do you wanna portray with a nude photo?

Kuulpeeeps: haha… interesting take on that Quaidz. Nice having you on kuulpeeps… hope we do this again some other time!

Quaidz: Thank you for having me.


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