Prison Break At Kwabenya Police Station

On Saturday around 2:30 am, some friends and I were on our way to town, as we were leaving my house, which is on the haatso, ashongman estates side, we were stopped by some officers along the way. Imagine driving on an isolated road with bushes on your left and right hand side and a convey of officers cut you off and hop out their car with their guns drawn, our initial reaction was to put the car in reverse and ran because we thought they were armed robbers. Fortunately for us, we didn’t reverse the car and drive off; it wouldn’t have ended in a nice way.

The officers jumped out of  their car with their guns drawn, finger on the trigger (which is not proper procedure by the way). They went straight to searching our car without asking, they asked the driver to step out the car to search him. They concluded their search, asked a few questions and drove off. In less than a mile after driving off, we got pulled over again by a different police convoy.

We politely informed the officer that we had just gotten searched by his colleagues less than a mile away, he told us he didn’t care and continued with his  search. We quickly shut up, because this didn’t seem like your everyday police harassment/extortion; you could just tell by their demeanor, also it was random for the officers to be on that road because they are never stationed there.

They finally let us go, our minds where racing during the ride to the club because our kokonsa side really wanted to know what was the issue, like what happened.

Fast forward to the morning. BOOM!! We find out that the Kwabenya police station had it’s own prison break. It has been reported that 7 inmates were released by their co bank robbers. They killed an officer (ASHILIV) in the process of the escape. It is safe to assume that their crime had to be pretty serious for their friends to have such vim and commit such an act.

The police investigators are now looking for the escapees and are asking the citizens of Ghana for some assistance to help capture the escapees.

Here are some pictures of the escapees and their names. Also there is information on how to contact them if you have any information to share.




Upon finding out this information, we were just glad that it wasn’t the robbers themselves but rather the officers. These guys are still on the loose, be careful in your late night movements and be safe, guys.



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