Meet Coola, The Most Popular Teacher In Botwe

As part of celebrating Mfantsipim as our High School of the Month, we went to the school to have a chat with one of the most popular teachers on campus.

Meet Mr. Isaac Oscar Odom, popularly known as Coola.

He’s the author of the famous Economic textbook Cocastic Coola and the most popular Botwe staff.

We hooked up with him and had a little chat.

Kuulpeeps: Can you please tell us how your time in Mfantsipim has been?

Coola: I joined the staff right after the University in 1993. I was a National Service personnel at the time, till 1994, but Mfanstsipim was home already as I used to come here to teach on a part-time basis as a Commerce In Accounting teacher. In total, I’ve spent 25 years here and those 25 years have been very interesting.

Kuulpeeps: What are some of the changes the school has gone through

Coola: Having met a lot of students and worked with 5 headmasters of the school, I can say that there’s a vast difference in discipline between the old times and now. In the past, the discipline coordinated with the working structures and systems. These days, the discipline is less strict but I think it deals with the caliber of the modern students.

Kuulpeeps: In your 25-year stay here, is there a time you ever felt you needed to change the environment by leaving Botwe?

Coola: Oh, of course! There has been several instances where I felt I needed to switch schools, but the issue of accommodation deterred me. If you’re transferred, you’d have to queue for accommodation, since there is no ready accommodation. That just killed the vibe.

Kuulpeeps: LOL. And you think there’s still time to make that change? Have a feel of other schools?

Coola: Oh no! It’s too late now.

Kuulpeeps: Can you share some achievements of past Botwe students with us?

Coola: Oh! That’s uncountable… Not to blow my own horn, but I’ve taught a lot of personalities including the Director of DVLA Samevor, whom I taught in SSS4. The current MUSIGA president, Bice Osei Kufuor, Majeed Michel too…a lot of top personalities, lecturers, and celebrities.

Kuulpeeps: What is your relationship with current students?

Coola: Current students don’t like me. They never do because I’m strict but then after school, interestingly, they tend to like me more realizing that the laws and strictness were for their own good.

Kuulpeeps: Did any of your children attend Mfanstsipim?

Coola: Yes, my first son attended Botwe in 2008

Kuulpeeps: If you leave Botwe and return a few years later, where on campus are you going to visit first?

Coola: I’ll miss Botwe, in general, and of course, the students. That’s the more reason I’ve not left the classroom. I just love teaching. Office life can be boring and lazy. Moreover, I can impact lives in one single session in the classroom.

Kuulpeeps: What’s your take on single-sex schools?

Coola: They’re the best. Single-sex schools produce better results, because students are focused and don’t have their attention on the opposite sex. I wished all my children attended single-sex schools.

Coola went on to say that, what he liked about Botwe the most was the fact that the boys are disciplined. He also went on to say that he liked how vibrant the old student association is.



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