The New Facebook News Feed Will Make It Harder For You See Kuulpeeps Content, Here Is How To Change That 

Kuulpeeps Facebook

Kuulpeeps, this is a public service announcement on how to continuously find our content and engage with us on Facebook.

This year, Facebook is launching a new algorithm that is going to change how your news feed looks.

You’ll be seeing a lot more posts on what your friends and families post on Facebook and a lot less of posts from brands such as Kuulpeeps.

Content your friends and families comment on will also gain prominence on your feed.

If you don’t see us on your news feed, it does not mean has ceased to exist neither does it mean we have closed our Kuulpeeps Facebook page.

As long as cool people like you exist, will be there to create that unique platform that allows you to engage with carefully created and curated content.

We do understand why Facebook wants to change how the news feed works.

For those of us who work at Kuulpeeps, the main reason why we joined Facebook was to keep in touch with our friends and family.

Those high school friendships we didn’t want to end because we were done with school plus staying in touch with those family relations we see once a year during Christmas.

For most of us, Facebook was the place we rekindle old relationships and tracked down the people we played with at Kindergarten, so it makes perfect sense that our Facebook news feed represents that.

Then again, while we get closer to our friends through Facebook, we also want to know what Vandals are up to, are Casfordians being their usual self and adding color to the University of Cape Cost campus culture, or is Kantanka and Continental taking their rivalry to an all-new crazy level, not forgetting a peek into the ‘boujie’ life of Ashesi students.

Getting these unique Campus updates as well as key university resources on our Facebook newsfeed while we engage our friends in a Manchester City against Manchester United debate also adds to our amazing Facebook experience.

So yes, we want to get updated on everything our friends and family do on Facebook, in the same vein we want to know everything that’s happening on campus and pop culture.

For that reason, we are turning on the “See First” button on the Kuulpeeps page and we think you should too.

The “See First” button works like turning on Kuulpeeps post notification, expect that you won’t get notified each time Kuulpeeps we post something amazing from campus. It just means that anytime you open your Facebook news feed, you’ll see Kuulpeeps post first.

This way, you’re staying updated and still catching up with your families and friends in just one entertaining news feed.

It’s 2018 and we’re not planning on missing a thing.

To turn on “See First” for the Kuulpeeps Facebook page, follow the steps below:


Kuulpeeps Andriod Facebook


Kuulpeeps, Facebook

Also, do leave a comment on any Kuulpeeps post you see on Facebook. That’s the only way your friends can see the post too. With this new Facebook News Feed, commenting is the new “Share”.


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