Meet The Current School Prefects Of Botwe

As part of our High School of the Month feature, we decided to have a little chat with the current school prefects of Botwe.

They are:

Edwin Sedodo – Head Boy

Albert Wilson – Deputy  (Academic)

Mohammed Dawuda – Head Boy (Domestic)

Joseph Ofosu Appiah – Head Boy (Technical)

Kwabena Agyenim Boateng – Protocol

From left to right, Kwabena Agyenim Boateng, Edwin Sedodo, Albert Wilson and Mohammed Dawuda.

Kuulpeeps: If you guys were to come back to Botwe after graduating, personally what’s the first place you’d go to

Botwe: Our boarding houses, the new library, and the administration building.

Kuulpeeps: What are some of the unforgettable moments you’ve experienced during your time in the school?

Botwe: The students went on a demonstration because the school canteen was shut down. We had to plead with most of them before the demonstration could come to an end.

Kuulpeeps: Has there been any major changes since you guys arrived here?

Botwe: There has been a refurbishment of the science lab, the dining hall, and the infirmary.

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Kuulpeeps: As prefects what is your relationship with the headmaster like?

Botwe: He’s a new headmaster, but we would say it is okay.

Kuulpeeps: Do you like punishing your juniors?

Botwe: We don’t like to. We just don’t have time. Some prefects do enjoy it. We focus more on the seniors than juniors.

Kuulpeeps: As prefects do you have any privileges you enjoy?

Botwe: Yes we do. Like sleeping in the prefects’ room. Our rooms are separated from the rest of the boys.

Kuulpeeps: What do you love about Botwe the most?

Botwe: Our school believes in moral uprightness and discipline. Although some of the boys are rowdy in school, when they go outside, they try to comport themselves.

Kuulpeeps: What will you miss, apart academics, when you guys leave?

Botwe: Inter-house, inspection, the sporting activities, the jama.




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