So This is what the #StephenAppiahChallenge Is All About

Former Black Star Captain, Stephen Appiah just put Ghana twitter in a frenzy with just one video. Man decided to turn up to King Promise’s ‘Oh Yeah’ jam only for it to be turned into a challenge and this is why you should check it out if you would like a good laugh:

#OhPromeh is catching on since the video was released.

Others have used the challenge to prove their talent on their snaps

But e check like the #StephenAppiahChallenge dey hia some guidelines oo…

You’re missing somethiiinnggg……

But does this guy even care?

And yet what even makes the challenge pap more is Kidi’s version.


Anywhere challenge dey, Kuami Eugene go dey there oo…


You might think it’s just a challenge but who knows…

And just when you thought Ghanaians play too damn much!


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