5 Things Students Of UG Should Expect In The Coming Semester

So soon, the Christmas break will soon be over and students of UG are expected to return to campus on the 1st of February. There are a couple things students should expect upon their return during the second semester, especially for the freshmen.

1. Hallweeks

The 2nd semester is probably the most anticipated semester as it is often the semester that all the ‘jorming’ hall weeks occur in. Pent hall week, which is probably the most hyped and anticipated hall week amongst other will happen this coming semester. Commonwealth hall, Legon Hall, Limann hall will also celebrate theirs in the coming semester.

2. Department Weeks

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Every department celebrates its week in the 2nd semester. During this period important persons are invited to organized conferences to share knowledge with students. Students should take note of this and be at their department weeks to be imparted with knowledge.

3. Src Election

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For the politically active students, the coming semester is one you’ll love. The second semester is one that witnesses all the “big talks”, campaign promises, etc from students vying for the executive positions of the Students representative council.

4. Student Politics

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The student wings of the 2 major political parties in Ghana, these are: Tertiary education institutions network(TEIN) which is affiliated to the NDC and Tertiary education students confederacy (TESCON) an affiliate to the ruling NPP will be electing their executives in the coming semester.

5. Shuttle

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The sudden proposed hike of shuttle prices from 1gh to 1.50p per trip. Students at the diaspora especially will be massively affected, they should take note and negotiate with parents for an increase in “chop money”.


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