Bio: Tsoobi

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I am Rhodaline Nana Yaa Ohenewaa Naa Dedei Darko aka Tsoobi. I was born on 24th October 1996. I’m called Tsoobi because my mum calls me Tsoobi. I think it’s because i’m smallish,short, basically cute so she probably sees me as a doll.

tsoobi emergers 2017

In as much as I have the passion for music, I’m actually a fashion designer and an artist on the side. For me, art is everything around us. It’s not really hard for me, finding my creative space considering the fact that i’m dealing with different art forms. I feel they are intertwined and that’s where i derive my creativity juices, that is, from all the different art i do and thats what makes me me.

I have been trying my whole life to gain weight because i am smallish but i dont know why its not working. Seriously, if you have any remedies, please tell me because I have been fighting a losing battle with weight gain and really, it shouldnt be that hard should it? It’s just eating and sleeping right?

tsoobi emergers 2017

Away from art and music, I would probably want to be a sex therapist or sex counsellor or something along that line  cos it’s a topic that I really fancy and somthing I will definitely want to explore so…who knows? maybe i’ll revisit that thought somtime.



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