Bio: Papa Oppong And Nathaniel

Pap Oppong And Nathaniel emergers 2017

We are Papa Oppong Beidako and Nathaniel Adjei Bio. Papa Oppong is a fashion designer and Nathaniel is the Creative Design Assistant at Christie Brown. Nathaniel is also an occassional collaborator with Papa Oppong, working on capsule collections. Together, we create magic.

Papa Oppong Nathaniel Emergers 2017

At the end of the day, all we want is to be successful and to be on some of the huge runways in the world. Right now we are working on carefully crafting our brand. This is very important to us because everything around us is brand sensitive and every action we take can build or destroy our hard work so we are working hard to ensure that all that we do complements that world-class brand we are trying to build.

Pap Oppong And Nathaniel emergers 2017

No one likes to be seen as mediocre and that’s something that gets to us especially as we find ourselves in a space where people don’t really understand our line of creativity. It’s difficult selling what you’re trying to achieve with what your particular creative art piece is and it’s very heartbreaking when people walk all over you and they don’t understand or get what we are trying to achieve or put together.

So watch out world cos we are coming to break barriers and leave a mark so deep we will be remembered for years to come!


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