Bio: Kwesi Arthur

kwesi arthur emergers 2017

My name is Emmanuel Kwesi Danso Arthur Junior. Most of you know me as Kwesi Arthur. I was born on the 18th of December 1994. I’m a Tema boy. My whole life has been in and around Tema: from Good Sheperd to Sakumono Estate to Naylor SDA then Temasco. Everything about my life is Tema.

kwesi arthur emergers 2017

My childhood was a bit challenging cos I had rickets when I was growing up and after SHS, I was supposed to go to GIJ but I couldn’t pay the fees so I didn’t make it. At one crazy moment, I almost became a security guard. The story is, I had bought forms to the University of Ghana but I didn’t get admission so, I was home. Now there was this guy in my hood I went to talk to and he told me about an opening as a security guard in some company and said he could link me and get me the job and that was it.

kwesi arthur emergers 2017

My whole rap career started after listening to Drake’s ‘Thank Me Later’. Let’s say it was the stepping stone to what Kwesi Arthur is today. Big ups to Drake. Maybe I’ll get to thank him later.

About Ground Up Charle, I dunno if I should call it a movement but for me, it is more of a family.

The urge to be successful in life is what keeps me going, it’s what makes me Kwesi Arthur.

“Kwe-si Arth-a!!”

kwesi Arthur emergers 2017



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