Bio: Keminni Amanor

Keminni Amanor Emergers 2017

My name is Keminni Amanor. I am the news anchor on Ghone.

Keminni amanor emergers 2017

I had a very eventful childhood. I went blind twice in a span of 24 hours.

Not being able to see during those 24 hours really made me understand what blind people go through because I was used to seeing everything and everyone and at that point, I couldn’t see a thing. It made me understand how it felt to live in darkness.

There was another time I fell really sick and I couldnt be taken to the hospital quickly enough so my Grandma cut my skin on my face to put some herbal medicine in it so, now, if you look closely enough, you’d think i have a tribal mark but it’s not really one.

Keminni Amanor Emergers 2017

It’s been a pretty long journey for me in the media world. I moved from Choice FM to Vibe FM and now I’m at Ghone. I’ve been in the system for awhile now but I’ve learnt to take it one step at a time and to carefully learn all that i need to become who I am today. Its been someway, somehow, some sort of a jolly ride. It’s had its ups and downs and in the end, i’m not someone who pays attention to what people say or seeks the opinion of others.

I do what I want to do when I want to do it.



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