Bio: Biishville

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Most of you probably know me as Bishop but my real name is actually Kwame Amfo-Akonnor. I was brought into this beautiful world on 5th November, 1994 and for those of you wondering, i had my first degree from Presbytarian University.

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I love cooking! I’ve been cooking for a year and ten months and just so you know, i actually prepare a brand new recipe every two days.

Obviously, cooking is very important to me which is why one of my biggest dreams is to have one of the very first proper fine dining restaurants in Ghana. As a chef, i’ve heard and seen some pretty laughable demands and requests but I’d say one of the most ridiculous,for me, is the day someone asked to invest in my business and offered to pay me dividends after 6 months. It still cracks me up.

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Aside cooking, i do other things too: I work with UNHCR to raise funds for refugees and i’m also a pastor.

Surprised?lol then get ready to learn more shocking reveals about me, right here.

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