Bio: B4Bonah

B4Bonah emergers 2017

My name is Fredrick Amoako Bonah. Everyone else calls me B4Bonah.

I was born on 26th October 1990.

B4Bonah emergers 2017

My hit song, Dear God is very special because it really is my genuine and heartfelt prayer to God.

One thing you should know about me is, i really don’t care about anything. All i want is to be happy beause i really am a free spirited person.I also find it hard to trust other people’s thoughts so naturally, i take my own thoughts very seriously which is why i’m my biggest number one fan.

B4bonah emergers 2017

Something else you should know about me is, i don’t wear designer clothes. Mostly because i don’t really like the idea of tags. I’d rather wear anything and just be me and be comfortable.

There are some pretty cool stuff about me you’d learn too,here on Kuulpeeps. Welcome to my world!


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