5 Things People Say About Botwe That Are Not True

Even as individuals, we always have people saying things about us that aren’t true.

People associate Achimota High School, our High School of The Month last December, with a whole lot of things that aren’t true.

With the help of some students and alumni of Mfantsipim School, we’ll debunk some of these rumors surrounding our current High School Of The Month, Botwe.


Most people believe Botwe boys are like ladies. That even isn’t true. The boys here are hard boys. Being disciplined doesn’t make you a lady, it only makes you better in life!


Botwe boys have the best female alliance in Ghana. How did that happen if we’re dull boys? Even when it comes to sports, we’re the best school in the whole of Central Region.

Jon boys

Being prim and proper doesn’t make you a ‘jon boy.’ It rather makes you look presentable and gentle. For example, Botwe boys always have two handkerchiefs on them.

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This is so common among people who don’t like Mfantsipim. As we said earlier on, we have the best female alliance in Ghana so please tell us, how are we gay?

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Botwe boys are not boring chale. We don’t even know where people get all these ideas from. If you can’t beat us, just join us!

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