10 Facts You Should Know About Botwe


Apart from saying Botwe boys are prim and proper, do you know anything else about the school?

Did you also know the school has a couple of infrastructures that other schools don’t have?

Let’s run you through some facts about Mfantsipim School.

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It is the oldest senior high school in Ghana.

Before it was called Mfantsipim, the school was known as Wesleyan Collegiate School.

The school was founded on 3 April 1876 and it is over 140 years old.

The school was established to train teachers and began with 17 pupils.

Under the control of the Methodist Church, two different schools (Wesleyan Collegiate School and Mfantsipim) were merged to become Botwe.

The first principal of the school was 18 years old at the time.

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Mfantsipim has won the National Science and Maths Quiz twice.

The name of the school, Mfantsipim was derived from “Mfantsefo-apem”, literally meaning “thousands of Fantes” but actually meaning “the gathering of hosts of scholars for change” originally by Fantes.

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The school has some notable alumni including Kofi Annan, K.A Busia, J.E. Casely Hayford etc.

Mfantsipim is claimed to be the ‘father school’ of Prempeh College.

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