Bio: Darko Vibes

Darko Vibes emergers 2017

I’m Nii Amu Andrew Darko aka Darko Vibes. I was born on 14th March 1995. I have been in the music industry for close to 6 years, working hard to be the Darko Vibes you know and love today.

darko Vibes Emergers 2017

It was really hard at first. I remember one time I was supposed to perform on campus. I was hyped and I invited all my friends to come watch me perform but unfortunately, the organizers didn’t let me perform because they didn’t know me hence, did not regard me as worthy of the stage. That was one of the most painful things that has ever happened to me.

My drive for success was so intense that I spent 3 years continuously sleeping in a studio. I literally made that place my home, worked all day and night, fell asleep, woke up and continued working and during that period, my mum never caught a glimpse of me cos i never went home.

darko vibes emergers 2017

Music has always been a part of me but, it’s not just music for me. I love fashion too. I have an eye for good stuff so much so that for a certain period, I was a stylist for MTN hitmaker and I also did the soundtrack for MTN pulse at a point.

If anyone is grateful for Darko Vibes today, they really should be grateful for the struggle. You need to identify with and recognize that the road to success for me wasn’t an easy one.

I am Darko Vibes and I am Music.

darko vibes emergers 2017


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