Take A Look At Alfred Ocansey’s Favourite TV/Radio Presenters

These are the radio and TV personalities who inspire Alfred Ocansey to be the best he can be!

Anderson Cooper

An American journalist, television personality, and author.

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Richard Quest

An English journalist and a CNN International anchor and reporter, based in New York City.

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Christiane Amanpour

  A British-Iranian journalist and television host, currently the Chief International Correspondent for CNN and also a Global Affairs Anchor of ABC News.

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Komla Dumor

A Ghanaian journalist who worked for BBC World News and was the main presenter of its programme Focus on Africa until his death.

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Larry King

An American television and radio host.

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Kwabena Yeboah

A Ghanaian sports journalist.

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Bola Ray

Nathan Kwabena Adisi aka Bola Ray is a Ghanaian radio presenter and entrepreneur. He is also the CEO of both the EIB Network and Empire Group of Companies.

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Gideon Aryeequaye

A Ghanaian Broadcaster and Television News anchor.

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