Meet The Current School Prefects Of Motown

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As part of our High School of the Month celebration, we featured the current Senior School Prefects of Achimota School.

Let’s introduce you to the current head prefects of Achimota Senior School.


From left to right Samuel, Afia, Kofi, Lydia, Bernard and Harriet

Kofi Addae-Sakyi  (Senior Boys Prefect)

Kofi thinks Achimota has the best infrastructure in Ghana when it comes to high school. He also likes how disciplined the school is.

Lydia Dede Adjetey (Senior Girls Prefect)

Lydia likes sports, she enjoys being in the boarding house and she likes gating too.

Samuel Kwame Ofori (Deputy Boys Prefect West)

Samuel likes the fact that the school has a lot of clubs which are very practical and active.

Maame Afia Osei-Frimpong (Deputy Girls Prefect West)

Afia says Achimota School teaches you a lot, including extracurricular activities and you get to meet different people too.

Bernard Akwaei Saka (Deputy Boys Prefect East)

Bernard likes the zeal of his teachers. The teachers are committed and dedicated; they’re always on time!

Harriet Ama Bio (Deputy Girls Prefect East)

To Harriet, Achimota school trains your head, your hand and your heart. She explains further by saying the school teaches good values and good academics.

Achimota School Prefects

We went on to ask them a couple of questions about the school and what they like about the school.

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Kuulpeeps: As prefects, what’s your relationship between the headmistress, staff and students.

S.Ps: It’s very good. The headmistress is a very open person and we’re always welcomed to see her. The teachers and students, on the other hand, are also very supportive.

Kuulpeeps: Do you guys like punishing your juniors?

S.Ps: Not really. We prefer punishing seniors instead. That way, the juniors will always do what’s right.

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Kuulpeeps: Do you guys enjoy any privileges as prefects?

S.Ps: Not really. In recent times, the work that comes with the position is more than the benefits. You get all the respect as a head prefect but being a prefect doesn’t come with so many privileges. We’re rather here to serve.

Kuulpeeps: What do you like the most about the school?

S.Ps: Discipline. We like the way the school is disciplined. We also love it when the Akoras come around. It makes us feel so good.

Kuulpeeps: Apart from academic work, what will you miss when you leave Achimota?

S.Ps: There’re so many things we’ll miss when we leave. Examples are the Carols service, the Bonfire night, the Boys chorus, gating and the school as a whole.

Kuulpeeps: What would you say about your school’s dinning hall food?

S.Ps: Our dinning hall food is the best in Ghana. No other school can beat us, everybody knows that! Our best meal is Jollof and chicken. We also love waakye, not forgetting beans and plantain.

Kuulpeeps: Can you share with us some of the things that makes you proud Mowtowners?

S.Ps: The first thing is the respect we get when we step out. Everybody makes way for the Mowtowners. Also, there’re so many facilities we have that no school has, like the swimming pool and the e-library.

Kuulpeeps: Among you all who’s strict?

S.Ps: Among us all, Samuel is very strict. Everybody knows how strict he is. He doesn’t really care who you are, you’ll surely be punished if he catches you doing the wrong thing.

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