Ebony Just Dropped Her Final Banger For This Year


Ebony just dropped a new single and this time, it’s deeeeepppppp. For real, actually her new single “MaameHw3” is a very informative piece to all young ladies out there. Ebony elaborates on domestic violence and how women, consciously or not, lead themselves to be abused by deceptive men, especially after refusing to take the advice of their mothers. By far, this song is devoid of lewdness and deserves it applause for tackling a prevalent social threat.

The music video tho! Yes, it’s on a good level too. The costuming along the setting brought out a calm tone and even if you don’t barb the lyrics, the video  is self explanatory to what is being discussed. The ‘Club Bouncer’ of an abuser and his skinny girlfriend play roles that describe Ebony’s lyrics to a perfect picture. But wait? After all the beating, did she really get pregnant for him? Oh, then she die finish that oo….

This year the Original 90s badgyal has done tremendously well for herself with her recently released ‘Hustle’ song already making waves in the country.


Y’all should check out this video and don’t forget to leave your comments to tell us what you think.


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