5 Reasons Achimota Is Better Than Presec

Oh my days, the things I see on the internet. First, it was someone’s account of how no one likes Motowners and then I saw this;

You people need to chill about that damn poll. The only reason you people won was that you have a numerical advantage on Twitter. Nothing more. There is nothing to suggest that you people are better than us, despite being older.


Better Alumni

Everybody knows we have better alumni. For every General Akuffo, we have a J.J. Rawlings (who, incidentally, had your guy executed). For every JaySo, we have a Richie. For every Ezekiel Ansah, we have an Alonso. Whatever name you mention, we can match and bring up 10 more. Please.

Better Facilities

Bigger compound? Check! (We have 2, by the way,…2!!!)

Better basketball court? Check!

Nicer classrooms? Check!

Handball court? Check!

Gigantic Gym? Check!

Nicer houses? Check!

Girls? Check!

Swimming Pool? Check!

Cricket Oval? Check!

Hockey pitch? Check!

Better football pitch? Check!

Everything is better in Achimota. FOH!

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Better Sports Record

Last time I checked, we had the most decorated trophy room of all the schools in Ghana. Calm your tits. The fastest SHS student ever in Accra, was a record breaking Lord Roger Tetteh. Calm, calm, calm. It’s just a few efikyire basketball and football competitions that you people have won. That one kraaa, basketball is not our culture.

International Reputation

Does Presec have a German club that sends its students to Germany every year? Does Presec have a triwizard competition called the King’s College Biennial Games? Does Presec boast the heads of states of other countries as part of its alumni? Can we all calm down?


Academics mean nothing

Look, boast all you want about academics…at the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter if you lot are not doing anything with it. Face it, we’re just doing more than you. Even the people paying your school fees kraa went to Achimota. As for the Presec people in Ashesi kraa, don’t say some. The education you’re receiving is based on what Patrick Awuah learned from Achimota. As in, without us, you people wouldn’t be anything.

Play the likeability card all you want, but it’s a well-known fact, that when you’re the best, nobody likes you.


  1. How could u guys even think of comparing PRESEC to Motown. AH! VERY DISAPPOINTED. and academics too mo se den?. you dadabee boys and girls what you fi do. aah. and what are they saying about girls too?. we go give you a quarter of Aburi girls for comparism. Your girls no dey bee saf. Enti mo ngyae nkw*si*sem a mo ka no


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