How Your Relationship Can Survive The Distance This Vacation

The vacation is awesome – the food, the sleeping and the Christmas and New Year holidays. Nothing can go wrong, right? Wrong!!

If you’re in a relationship with someone on campus, semester breaks can cause problems or destroy your relationship because of the distance. You’d think it’s just some few weeks but those few weeks could be deadly to your campus relationship. This is how you can keep the love intact till school resumes.


Communication is the first step to maintaining your long distance relationship. It’s surprising how people communicate less in a time where communication systems are modern and abundant. Talking on WhatsApp, iMessage or any other messaging site is not enough. Find ways to spice your communication. Talk about deep stuff, talk about trivial stuff, how about truth or dares?  You know your bae/boo’s interests…work your way around that. Don’t make your chats boring but doing the regular “hey sup”… those conversations just kills the soul…🙄

Be mature and reasonable 

Your maturity will be tested once your relationship becomes a distance-kind. You’ll have to be an adult about issues. When something goes wrong, deal with it. When he/she blueticks you or doesn’t reply your texts, it doesn’t automatically mean they’re out there cheating. When she/he ignores you all day, it could be they’re genuinely busy..thought about that?   Not everyone on their dps or statuses are their sex-partners. People have lives after their social media lives so be reasonable. Deal with issues reasonably.

Have you tried cyber-dates yet?!

Yep! Cyber dates are a thing now! Try it! It’s nothing big you know? It could be a video chat, playing online games together, picking out a particular album and listening to it together. Things like these strengthen bonds. It gives y’all something to look forward to.

Use this time to strengthen  other relationships 

Who said your life revolved around your partner? Constant texts and nappy check-ups will only drive him/her crazy. That’ll make everything boring. Communication doesn’t mean badgering. Use the time to build friendships and strengthen family ties. Do things you also enjoy to pass time.

Find ways to keep it in your pants…PLEASE

Now, this point can’t be stressed enough guys! No matter what you do or the effort you put in maintaining your relationship over the Christmas break, if you don’t remain faithful to your partner, its a cos 90 job. Avoid situations that could lead you into cheating and don’t put yourself into flirtatious conversations that could make you pull down those pants.

Your relationship can grow during this holiday break and you play a major part in it. If you have any relationship problem you’d like to address, let us know in the comments section or DM us on Instagram @kuulpeepsuew




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