Here Are 8 Things Kidi Never Leaves His Home Without!

kidi emergers 2017

No one leaves the house without making sure they have some specific essentials.  Take a look at what Kidi always has on him!

His Phone


Related image


for emergencies…

Image result for condoms

His Wallet

something needs to hold those condoms right?

Image result for wallet

His Hairbrush

Gotta keep those sides fresh for the gyaldem!

Image result for hair brush for men

Extra Credit

for the extra calls…

Image result for mtn tigo vodafone scratch cards

His Perfume

can’t be caught smelling some typa way right?

Image result for male perfume

Extra Clothes

Gotta look fly all the time!

Image result for kidi shades



gotta shield those eyes from the bright future ahead!

wearing shades

Yup! These are the things that make Kidi complete whenever he leaves the house!





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