11 Personal Facts No One Knows About Biishville

biishville emergers 2017

Who doesn’t love to see a man who cooks? We’ve been hearing about Bishville a lot this year and how he’s added a twist to the Chef life.  He is a young man…fact! He’s a Chef!…fact!

Here are a few more things you never knew about Bishville. Yes, guys, we are getting up close and personal!!!


biishville emergers 2017

  • He gets turned on by food
  • He sleeps naked
  • He doesn’t snore
  • He is very affectionate

biishville emergers 2017

  • He eats a lot
  • He eats very late and that explains his potbelly
  • He drives with both legs whether he is driving an automatic car or a manual car
  • He hates heat
  • He has never travelled outside Ghanabiishville emergers 2017
  • He is a pastor
  • He Sings

Ladies, tell us!!

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Complete marriage material or nah??


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