Here Are 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kidi

kidi emergers 2017

We know you know the lyrics to his songs but it’s not enough reason to think that you know Kidi very well.

During our emergers hangout with Kidi, we got him to part with 10 things his fans didn’t know about him.

kidi emergers 2017

1. He hates his freckles. (the spots that are on his face. they are pretty distinct considering that he is fair)

2. He sleeps naked

3. He hates yam and waakye  (who hates waakye??????????????????????)

4.He loves beans and plantain and fufu as well

5.Despite his love for fufu, he cannot prepare soup to even save his life

kidi emergers 2017

6. He might come across as a ladies man but he doesn’t take people’s girlfriends

7. He is an unrepentant mummy’s boy without any shame

8. If you are looking for the place he hangs out the most, it is Twitter

9. He HATES ironing ( it is in caps …..we hope you get the level of hate)

10. He has no idea what his body count is ( you cannot really blame him can you?)

When he is ready to part with any more info, trust that we will be the first to let you know.


Photo credit: @rogue_lens


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