10 Personal Facts About Kuami Eugene You Never Knew

kuami eugene emergers 2017

What if we told you Kuami Eugene is not just an Angel sent from heaven to bless us with his smooth voice but…

is human just like us!

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Here are a few things you didn’t know about the singer!!

kuami eugene emergers 2017

1. He barely sleeps.

2. He loves his skin colour

3. He loves his mother a lot

kuami eugene emergers 2017

4. He can’t stay away from his phone for a period of two hours at most.

5. He absolutely loves shoes.

6. He loves fufu a lot.

7. He hates getting cold.

kuami eugene emergers 2017

8. He doesn’t eat banku

9. His favourite colours are Grey and Coffee Brown

10. He changes his bed sheet after every two days

Told y’all he was very human!!



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