10 Intriguing Things You Did Not Know About Bryan The Mensah

bryan the mensah emergers 2017

The King of Tea spilt some private tea for us Kuulpeeps! Here are a couple of personal things you did not know about Bryan The Mensah!

bryan the mensah emergers 2017

  • He is fascinated with hair.
  • He admires people who wear glasses.
  • He likes watching Telenovelas.

bryan the mensah emergers 2017

  • He is a virgin.
  • He has never owned a yellow shirt

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  • He enjoys it when the light goes off at night because according to him it brings people together.

bryan the mensah emergers 2017

  • He likes to burst pimples.
  • During one of the Christmas celebrations when he was a kid, he didn’t brush his teeth the whole time.
  • He is most creative when he is in the bathroom.
  • He doesn’t cheat in exams.

You’re all excited and bursting with some questions of your own right? lol relax!


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