Here Are 6 Things People Say About Mowtowners That Are Not True

The month isn’t over yet so yeah, Achimota School is still our High School of the Month.

Even as individuals, we always have people saying things about us that aren’t true.

People associate Achimota School with a whole lot of things that aren’t true.

With the help of some students and alumni of Achimota, we’ll debunk some of these rumors surrounding the school.

Achimota Boys Are ‘John Boys.’

This is one of the common things people say about Motowners. People claim boys from Achimota School are too timid and slow. According to some old students of the school, this rumor isn’t true at all. How can you even say J.J Rawlings is ‘jon.’

People Think Achimota School Is Boring

Some people actually think Achimota School is boring. The truth is, it’s not boring at all. It’s the biggest and nicest school in the country so how can it be boring? Heard of the Boys Chorus? Check that out and let’s talk later!

Motowners Are Snitches

Everybody says Motowners are snitches just because it’s not a single sex school. The truth is we don’t even snitch on each other.

Motowners Are Block Headed

People think only the single sex schools are good when it comes to academics but that isn’t true! Motown is one of the best schools in the country when it comes to studying. Not only are we smart but we’re very well disciplined too.

Small Alumni

We don’t know about other school’s alumni but Motown has the best old student association. The old students come to school and fight over projects. Now that’s a vibrant alumni!



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